Laura’s Rocky Ridge Farm

Our first stop on “The Big Trip” was Mansfield, MO – the final home of Laura (Ingalls) and Almanzo Wilder.  Minnie Mouse and I started reading the Little House on the Prairie series last year as part of our homeschool curriculum.  We have enjoyed the books so much!  Can you believe that I have never read the series before?  I know!  So, because of our newfound love of all things Laura and Little House, we added a few of those historic sites to our itinerary.  We stayed our first night at the Laura Ingalls Wilder RV Park.  It was a quiet little place on the side of hill.  It had a cute little pond, and we found a bucket of fish food, so Minnie Mouse had to feed the fish.


We headed down the road the next morning to the home of Laura and Almanzo.


We wandered through the museum that held hundreds of memorabilia from both Laura and Almanzo’s families, as well as items about their daughter, Rose.  What a beautiful legacy Laura created with her life and stories.

Then we toured the white house — the original home that Almanzo built when they arrived in Mansfield, Missouri.  It has been kept just as it was, including their dishes and furniture.  It was delightful!  What a wonderful home, filled with treasures and memories.  Our tour guide was a sweet, older woman who told stories about Laura as if they had been good friends.


From the white house we moved down the road to tour the Rock House.  As Laura and Almanzo aged, Rose wanted to provide them with a more modern home to make life easier, so she had this home built for them in 1928.  They never really liked it, and when Rose moved to New York City 8 years later, Laura and Almanzo moved back down the road to their original home!


From here we headed up the road to our next destination!  We had a great time in Mansfield!  See you at the next stop!


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