I’m Back… And, Santa Fe, NM

Whew!  We are back!  While we were in the area of the Grand Canyon we had terrible data service, so getting on the internet was near impossible.  It isn’t that I need it — I can go without it (I did for 4 days in Bangladesh), but it was good to get to Las Vegas and see the sign that there is WiFi there! But, I was still delayed in getting anything posted due to lack of time — we have been having busy days lately! You’ll see why soon.

But, I digress.  Saturday evening we pulled into Santa Fe, NM.  What a view!  Minnie Mouse was in the front seat (which seems to be where she ends up most of the time on this trip), so she took LOTS of pictures with my phone.  She was very interested in the architecture of this area.


After we got settled, we headed up to do some laundry, then had a relaxing evening.  Well, Vence picked cactus needles out of his tires for while, but that’s a story from another post!

Sunday, we got on our bikes and rode up to the train station. This was Madeline’s first experience on a train, so she was excited.



On the way to the train station I FINALLY saw some prairie dogs on the prairie!  I have been looking everywhere for them.  We saw lots of prairie dog holes while in the Cimarron National Grasslands, but not a dog was to be found.  And, wouldn’t you know it, just by the side of the road we saw them running all over the place!


We spent the day downtown Santa Fe.  One of our first stops was REI, where they sell a lot of bikes and equipment for them.  Remember the cactus needles?  Vence needed some new tubes for his tires!


There were a lot of art sales throughout the city, so that was great to see the artwork of the area.  We stopped in the Santa Fe Coffee Company around lunchtime, got some drinks, and then ate the lunch we packed in there.  I love the donkey pictures in the background!


The architecture was fabulous!  This was one of the highlights of the trip for Vence. He loves the look and feel here.


We took a rest in the plaza later in the afternoon, and happened upon a magic show!  Minnie Mouse and Vence were both participants!  Minnie Mouse got to test the string, and Vence “volunteered” his wedding ring for the trick.


On one side of the plaza was the Governor’s Palace.  It is the oldest building in the city, and the front porch area is now a place for Native Americans to sell their art.  It was a very cool building.


We took the afternoon train back to the station, and rode our bikes most of the way back (the ride home was up hill, so Minnie Mouse had to walk some of it).


After resting a bit, we walked around the RV park’s walking trail, then headed back to Harriet for dinner and sleeping.  See you at the next stop!


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