Las Vegas!

Wednesday morning we packed up camp and headed west toward Las Vegas! We pulled into The Oasis RV Park, checked in, and had lunch.


While Minnie Mouse and I worked on school Vence picked up a rental car. When he returned we headed to the strip! Minnie Mouse fell in love with New York New York, but we ran out of time to visit.  She thought it looked grand!


Our first stop — the Venetian. Vence wanted to see inside this hotel. It was beautiful with the “sky”, the river, and the gondolas. We walked around inside and found the Sistene Chapel! Okay, well, as close as we could get.


Next, we went to Circus Circus. We had been told that this one would be fun for Minnie Mouse, and it was. She enjoyed the mid-way section, and played a game of balloon darts. We also enjoyed the trapeze show. She was amazing!


We decided to eat dinner at the buffet in Circus Circus. After all, when in Vegas, you have to eat at a buffet, right?

After dinner we drove back up the strip to Paris. Minnie Mouse and I both wanted to see inside this one (we hope to visit the real Paris one day).


This hotel did not disappoint either. It, too, had a sky for the ceiling, and it felt like we were walking the streets of Paris. We found this cute place too:


We were still stuffed from dinner, so we didn’t even go in, but from the looks of things, we would have loved it there!

From here we wound our way outside and across the street to the Bellagio so we could watch a fountain show.


We found this fun guy out by the fountains!


It was getting late, so we drove back toward Harriet, admiring the lights on our way. Vegas was a fun place to visit. We would probably like to go back again if given the opportunity, just to see more of the hotels and the sites. But, in all honesty, compared to the grandeur of God’s creation we just saw yesterday, this man-made creation pales in comparison.

We will see you at the next stop!


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