California Adventure

Thursday afternoon we pulled into Orangeland Resort just outside of Anaheim, CA. There were citrus trees throughout the park, and we could pick any fruit from trees on our site or on the roads.


You know where the rest of this is going, right? If you know our family, you do! We ate a quick lunch, and then caught the shuttle to … Disneyland!!!!!!! me&poster P1070310b

We had done some research, so we already knew Disneyland Park closed at 6 p.m. Thursday, so we went to California Adventure for the afternoon/evening. We had fun exploring this park! First, we got a Fast Pass to the Frozen Sing Along show, then rode a Monsters, Inc. ride. The Frozen Sing Along show was great!

P1070315b P1070320b

Then, we headed to Bugs Land and Cars Land, both equally fun.


Cars Land looks just like Radiator Springs — the cartoon literally came to life!


We rode Mater’s Tractor Jamboree, and Minnie Mouse giggled through the whole thing!  It was a fun and wild ride, swinging back and forth on the back of that tractor.


We rode Soaring over California — that ride is unbelievable! We have ridden it in Florida, but it seemed even better here. We ate dinner, and then headed toward Paradise Pier for a few more rides. This one is King Triton’s Carousel.


We were disappointed because the big Ferris wheel was closed for the night because of the light show, but it was neat to see it all lit up.


We tried to ride the Radiator Springs Racers, but it quit working just as we walked up, but we walked through Radiator Springs while it was lit up.


We went back to the front where there was a coffee shop selling Starbucks coffee. My two favorite things collided!


After a little rest, we decided to walk over to Downtown Disney to see what that was like. We found the sweet shop making these fun chocolate-covered apples.


And, this was outside the Lego Store.  Belle is even a mini-figure!


Then, we called it a night, and walked toward the shuttle back to Orangeland. On the way we found this, which I will explain in more detail in the next post.


See you in Disneyland!


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