The Oregon Trail

Wednesday we set our sights on Oregon!  We left the giant redwoods behind and started up the California coast on Highway 101.  And, I must tell you, I fell in love with the northern-California coast.  It isn’t nearly as warm as we like a beach to be, but it is beautiful – white-capped waves rushing toward the tan beach, large rock formations, tall grasses – and then, across the road are mountains filled with trees.  We stopped for lunch right along the side of the road where we could get out and walk on the beach for the a few minutes.  Minnie Mouse loved the beaches too.


We found Oregon!


The Oregon coast was maybe even better than California!  And, we found a piece of Anderson in Oregon!


That night we stayed in Winchester Bay, OR at a RV park nestled right in a marina, so we had a view of the water in front of us, and a forest of trees beside us.


Thursday morning we got up, anxious to leave.  We knew by mid-afternoon we would arrive in Portland, and our friends’ house.  Sadly, we also knew we would be leaving the coast behind shortly after lunch, so we made sure to have lunch again where we had a view of the Pacific Ocean.


We made it to Portland, and had a wonderful evening with our friends, sharing dinner and conversation, making plans for our next few days.


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