Going To The Sun

After Portland, we headed toward Montana, stopping for a night in Spokane, WA. Tuesday afternoon we arrived in Columbia Falls, MT at Columbia Falls RV Park.


Wednesday morning we drove about 20 minutes to West Glacier, MT, and Glacier National Park.

P1070948b P1070953b

We started out at the Apgar Visitor Center so we could get information about the park, and get a Junior Ranger book for Minnie Mouse.


From there, we knew we wanted to drive the Going To The Sun Road. We had watched videos about this road that goes through the park, and we knew the scenery would be breath taking. However, we didn’t count on the fact that even though it is June, it is early in the season for these folks way up north! The road wasn’t even open half-way yet because they are still working on plowing it! They hope to have it finished and open June 19, but from what we understand, that is being optimistic. Can you imagine? But, we decided to drive as far as we could. After all, that is why we came here. The scenery was amazing as we began our drive, and we stopped at many pull offs along the way.


Our first real stop was Lake McDonald. The lodge was unbelievable.


The pillars were literally tree trunks!

We went outside to investigate the lake. Wow! This lake, surrounded by gorgeous snow-capped mountains, was crystal clear. I wouldn’t be surprised if you could see the bottom from the middle of the lake! Minnie Mouse had to throw something in the water every time we found water!

IMG_1520b LakeMcb

This little fellow kept us company while we ate lunch on the lawn.


We traveled up the road to point where it was closed, which was Avalanche Creek. First, we looked at the creek. Again, gorgeous.

P1080040b IMG_1529b

Then, we headed across the road to hike the Trail of the Cedars. If she hiked a trail, Minnie Mouse would get a special sticker, and we had been told by a ranger this was a good one for kids because it is a boardwalk/paved trail. However, we came to the trailhead for the Avalanche Lake trail, and decided to go for it. It was well worth the time and effort, and Minnie Mouse did great climbing the rocky trail.


By this time, we knew we needed to head back to the visitor center so Minnie Mouse could turn in her book, take her pledge and get her badge.


We went to Apgar Village after leaving the visitor center, and found this picturesque spot. I’m certain this picture Vence took could be a postcard!


All in all, we loved this place, and it is definitely going on the list of places where we want to return and spend more time. I’m not sure we saw more than an eighth of this place on this trip! There is the whole east side, and many more trails to hike. But, for now, this is all the time we have, so I’ll see you at the next stop!



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