Minnie Mouse Vida, Age 8

This is the second of three posts on Portland.

On this second morning in Portland, we started with a Trentaz family tradition, and we had coffees from Dutch Brothers — breve lattes, to be exact. Well, for all except Vence, that is — he had his cold and sweet coffee beverage blended with chocolate and coconut. Then, we ladies headed out to the produce stand, ALONE. The babes stayed home with the daddys.

Then, we went to Hopworks for lunch, which is a bike bar/brewery local to Portland, and one of the Trentazes’ favorite places. Perry especially wanted to take Vence because there is bike paraphernalia used as décor around the restaurant. We enjoyed great food and great beer once again.


From here, Perry took Vence and me to a tourist hotspot (but also a local favorite), VooDoo Donuts! We bought donuts for everyone and took them home. When we finally got home and ate them, they were still delicious — not hard and dried out like some donuts get after a few hours. Minnie Mouse had their famous one that is, literally, as big as her head.

IMG_1496b IMG_1499b

Perry then took us to Stumptown, a local coffee roaster. I tried their cold brew (which came out of a tap like draft beer!), which was quite delicious and refreshing. This is one of the Trentazes’ favorites as well, and they knew I would enjoy seeing some of the roasting process. I didn’t get to see much, but it is easy to tell why it is a favorite.


The second part of our day was a highlight for Minnie Mouse. In 1st grade she and I read Henry Huggins, a book by Beverly Cleary. She enjoyed it, so when she found a book about Henry’s dog at the library she grabbed it and read through it. Last year, when our friend from Portland, Amy, came to visit, she brought Minnie Mouse two books by Beverly Cleary, including Ramona Quimby, Age 8. The books were from Powell’s bookstore, which made them special, but they were also special because Beverly is from Portland. Not only that, but Amy told us about Klickatat Street, which is the street that Henry Huggins and Ramona lived on in the books! So, when we were making plans for Portland, Amy assured us she would take us there. She found out where Beverly’s childhood home is, and also where a statue garden is at the local park in that neighborhood. It was certainly a fun experience for us all!

P1070795b P1070797b P1070805b

We finished the day with a lovely dinner back at the Trentaz house on their back deck.


It was a clear night, and we could see both Mt. Hood and Mt. Saint Helens!

A great day spent with great friends!


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