Mt. Edith

We made a change in our itinerary. I know, right? How dare we do that? In the very beginning we had Devil’s Tower on our list of places to go, but we took it off the list trying to eliminate a few things. But, while at Glacier, a family with a young daughter told us they had visited Devil’s Tower, as well as Mt. Rushmore and the Badlands (doing the Junior Ranger programs in all three) in two days. And, they claimed that all were well worth it. The Badlands had never been on our list, but we started re-thinking this, as so many people kept recommending it. So, Vence got on the computer, and found that in a way, it almost made sense to add Devil’s Tower, and we could easily add the Badlands, so he re-routed us. In so doing, the place he found for us to stay Thursday night was the Helena National Forest.


This place turned out to be a real gem. It is dry camping, which means no hook-ups, but we are good with that, and actually really enjoy it. We had the place to ourselves.


The view was amazing. To our west we could see two mountains — the taller, snow-capped one is Mt. Edith; the one just a bit shorter behind her is Mt. Baldy. We have had lots of fun talking about Mt. Edith!


Since we arrived early in the afternoon, we were able to explore the area. We walked down the hill and found lots of beautiful wildflowers, so Minnie Mouse and I picked a handful to make a bouquet for our table.

P1080116b P1080117b P1080159b

Then, we took a walk in the woods. This is something we have found that Minnie Mouse loves doing. Anytime she has the chance, she wants to walk through the woods and explore, or take a hike in the “wilderness.” If there is something to climb, all the better. There was nothing to climb here, but we let her take the lead.


We took the spot at the top of the hill, so I decided to take a bike ride here. Whew! Great workout!


We found some wood, so we ended our evening with a campfire. I read a chapter from Little Town On the Prairie while we sat around the fire. Luckily, things were just winding down when the rain came. After that cleared, the sunset was quite a show over Mt. Edith.

P1080150b P1080152c

Tomorrow — Yellowstone! See you there!


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