Portland, the Final Chapter

This is the third of three posts on Portland.

Portland, day 3. Vence couldn’t leave Portland without riding that trail one more time, so Sunday morning he and Perry set out. This time, Perry rode some of the course too.


We had a late lunch at yet another favorite spot of the Trentaz family — McMenamen’s. It, too, had great beer. We ordered the sampler so we could try their regulars plus seasonal brews, and when our waitress brought it out she told us she added a “funzy” one, just because. It was a pepper ale. Not pepper like black pepper, but pepper as in jalapeño. It was awesome! Not spicy, just flavorful.

After eating, Amy and her daughter met up with us, and we traveled out to an area filled with waterfalls. Our first stop was Vista House, where we could see the Columbia River. There was this incredible stone lookout tower there as well.


From there we traveled up to Bridal Veil Falls. This is a favorite spot of Amy’s. It was a gorgeous place! Minnie Mouse had fun climbing all over the rocks with Perry’s son. And we all enjoyed the view.

P1070828b P1070836b

Longtime friends!


Then, we went to Multnomah Falls. Wow!

P1070859b P1070861b

We enjoyed some ice cream, then headed back, said good-bye to Amy and her daughter, then went back to the Trentaz home for our final evening. After dinner and putting the babes to bed, the most important item we brought with us on this trip came out — “the game”! C’mon! So important, in fact, that there are no pictures to document this moment. What? I know. Sad but true. (For those who don’t know, “the game” is Settlers of Catan, a game Perry taught us and we have been playing with him for close to 20 years or so. We played it regularly when he lived in Anderson, and a visit to Perry’s would not be complete without at least one game of Settlers.) I’m happy to say that I won the game! We wrapped up a VERY late night, knowing that sadly it would be our last in Portland.

Next morning, we lingered some at breakfast, then finally declared we better get going. Portland said good-bye to us with showers, which seemed rather fitting (it hadn’t rained at all prior).


Good-bye Portland! Until next time…


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