I am posting all three days in Portland at once!  Be sure to check them all out.  I am also posting about our time in Glacier National Park.  We have been out of cell service and with no wifi for many days!

I discovered that I fit right into Portland!  Vence keeps telling me that if I get any crunchier (as in, granola) he is going to have to move me to the northwest!  In the city limits, they not only have trash pick up (only once every 2 weeks!) and recycle pick up (every week), but they also have compost pick up!!! And, it is even cool (really, almost expected) to buy local, organic, fresh.  And, they have great coffee and beer!  So, I was right at home. And, then there is the beauty of the place.  From one side of Perry’s backyard we could see Mt. Hood, and from the other we could see Mt. St. Helen.  And, the Columbia River is stunning. Friday morning Vence and Perry took off to find a bike trail Vence found in his research.  He was not disappointed in his choice.  He climbed 3 miles up this forested hill:


so he could ride (much more quickly) back down on a popular mountain bike trail. Thankfully, he and his bike both survived.

IMG_1473b IMG_1479b IMG_1483b GoProBiking1

While they were off having a good time (just like the ole days!), Cassie brewed me an excellent pot of coffee with grounds from a local roastery. The “babes” (as Cassie lovingly calls them) had a great time playing together. Once the fellas were home, we decided to venture to downtown Portland via the train. Then walked thru town.


We headed for Deschutes Brewery for beer and eats. P1070702b

The mustard cheese that came with the pretzels was amazing.  It was good on everything!  Minnie Mouse’s burger was outstanding.  And, the beer wasn’t bad either! From there, we headed to Powell’s City of Books.  This bookstore takes up an entire city block, and is 4 stories tall!  There was not enough time on this trip to wander all over the store, but we did at least see it, and Minnie Mouse picked out a couple books to read during the second half of “the big trip.” P1070712b P1070706b

Our friend, Amy, met us at the bookstore to take us on our next adventure:  sailing on the Columbia River!  Captain Richard Ames hosted us on his lovely boat for the evening.


It was an outstanding evening.  Neither Minnie Mouse nor I had ever been sailing, so it was completely new to us.  Captain let me steer the boat on the out-going trip.  That meant Vence and Amy had to do the hard work of putting up the sails.  After we were out to sea, Captain took Minnie Mouse on a tour of the boat.


The return journey was a bit more difficult, so Captain took the steering back for a bit, then gave the reigns to Vence. Doesn’t he look handsome?  He is getting the chance to drive all sorts of rigs on this trip!

P1070785b P1070790b

After a beautiful evening at sea, Amy suggested dessert at a fun spot:  Rimsky-Korsakoffee House (as in the composer, Rimsky Korsakov). It was this old, victorian-style house.  Apparently, the older woman who once owned it started this, and she would invite people in and serve them dessert while she played classical pieces on the piano.  Amy said the only way to find out about the place was to be taken there, and it was like you were walking into someone’s private home (which I guess, essentially, you were).  Now, she has passed away, and someone continued it in her home.  It still doesn’t have a website, but thanks to the World Wide Web, one can find out information about the place that no one knows about but everyone knows about.


After our sugar rush, we said “Good-night” to our first day in Portland.  It was good and full, and we looked forward to more.


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