Circle of Fire Tour

Back when Vence made our reservations for Yellowstone, the lady on the phone suggested to him that we purchase tickets for a tour; the Circle of Fire Tour, to be exact (not to be confused with “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash). It hasn’t been our style on this trip, but he did it because we knew we would only have one day in this enormous place, we would not have a vehicle of our own, and this park doesn’t have any sort of shuttle system. This meant we had to be up and at the front area of Fishing Bridge RV Park at 8:15 Saturday morning. I’m happy to say we made it with time to spare. The tour turned out to be a good thing. We saw quite a bit of the park, and now have a grasp on the way things work in Yellowstone (for our next trip).

Our tour guide was Roger, and our tour vehicle was this really cool retro-looking bus.

P1080224b P1080334b

As we drove toward our first stop, we saw a field full of bison. At this point, we were realizing that the bison are everywhere, and aren’t really afraid to be near the people. Now, that isn’t to say they are tame. People should be afraid to be near the bison! We were told that there have already been 3 gorings this season, and the season has just started! Really, people? These are enormous 2,000 pound animals with horns. Why are you trying to take a selfie with one?


Our tour started with the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River, where there was this beautiful waterfall complete with a rainbow.

IMG_1545b P1080207b P1080211b

From there we stopped at a place where we saw geysers, paint pots (these look like caldrons of bubbling, colored mud), and hot springs (these are water pools, often colored crystal-clear cyan blue).

P1080229b P1080238b P1080247b P1080248b P1080249b P1080258b

After a few other stops, we made our way to Old Faithful. By this point, Minnie Mouse had finished her Junior Ranger book, so after we ate lunch in the Old Faithful Inn (which was impressive) we headed to the Old Faithful Visitor’s Center where she took her pledge. Then, we headed out to Old Faithful for her next predicted eruption.

P1080272b P1080275b P1080280b

The pictures can’t truly capture how cool this was.

P1080283b P1080287b

From here we headed back to an area called Mid-Way where we saw a great prismatic spring. It was pretty fantastic.

P1080310b P1080321b

We made a bathroom stop at Madison, which had the cutest little Ranger Station (I’m sure they would love me calling it that!). They had lots of hands-on things for kids to explore.

P1080329b P1080332b

By this point, I was really getting disappointed about the animals. I kept hearing that it was a good time to see bears because they were coming out of hibernation and searching for food. I did catch a glimpse of elk in the trees a time or two, but it was quick. We didn’t even experience one of the infamous wildlife road blocks! But, our tour made a few more stops, before returning us to Fishing Bridge Campground. After dinner, I spent a glamorous evening in the laundry room.


Tomorrow we have to say good-bye to Yellowstone. It has been good. I will miss you. And, I do hope to see you again someday when I can stay longer.


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