Devils Tower

Monday, June 8 we left Mt. Edith heading west toward another natural wonder — Devils Tower National Monument.


We saw it from a distance as we approached, and thought it looked incredible.

P1080435b P1080439b

When we finally arrived and parked, it was almost overwhelming, the size and magnitude of it!  We discovered that this isn’t something that pushed up from the earth.  It was actually caused by hot magma inside the earth many, many years ago.  This was forced into sedimentary rocks above it and cooled under the ground.  It cooled and contracted, forming the columns. Over the many, many years erosion of the sedimentary rock exposed Devils Tower. So, amazingly, at one time the ground there used to be that high! It was exposed by erosion.

Minnie Mouse got her Junior Ranger Booklet, and one of the requirements was to hike a trail.  We decided to hike the Tower Trail, which goes all the way around along the perimeter of the tower.  It wasn’t exactly easy, although it was paved.  There were lots of inclines.  It started out fun because there were lots of rocks to climb, and use as stages.

P1080446b P1080452b P1080453b

I should have prefaced all of this by saying this was our hottest day yet.  The sun was bright and the temperature was high.  Minnie Mouse began to wilt part way around the trail (and trust me when I say no one wants a wilting Minnie Mouse). We found a cleft in the rock for her to work on her book for a minute.


Whew, finally half-way!


The trail was really neat, and yes, there were actually climbers scaling the tower while we were there.  We kept catching glimpses of them as we walked around.  At last, the mission was accomplished!


And she took her Junior Ranger Pledge.


As we drove away, I thought this was really cool.  Some of the rock was so red.


After a tough day of exertion, here was how she ended up:


Guess we wore her out!  We ended the day by pulling into Jack’s Campers/High Plains RV Park.  We’re looking forward to a full, fun day tomorrow!


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