Home Again Home Again

We made another spur of the moment change to our itinerary. We were supposed to finish up the trip by visiting Pepin, WI, which is where the Ingalls family lived when the Little House series started, Little House in the Big Woods. However, after 4 phone calls, Vence couldn’t find us a place to put up for the night. I mentioned that I didn’t think there was a whole lot there to see, so if we needed to skip it, we could. A lady we talked with while visiting Plum Creek confirmed this for us, so we decided change our course, and visit the Indiana Dunes on our way home.  We knew it was a National Park (actually, shoreline) so we thought it would be fun for Minnie Mouse to get one more Junior Ranger badge.

Saturday morning, June 13, we got ready, then went inside Cabela’s to look around, see the animals, and buy some fudge!

IMG_1660b IMG_1661b

Then, we headed toward Indiana!


And, the Dunes. Thankfully the campground had some availability.

IMG_1669b P1080674b

We started our visit in the Visitor’s Center, where Minnie Mouse picked up her Junior Ranger book. And tried on this cute costume.


After settling, we took a drive over to see the beach and Lake Michigan. We found the trail head for Dune Ridge Trail in the parking lot, so we decided to do this first.


While I was reading about the trail, Minnie Mouse ventured down the trail a bit. She heard a rustling in the grass. As she turned to tell me, out popped a little head, and then this little guy ran across the path!


We did finally finish the trail, but we had two strikes against us: it was hot and muggy, and the mosquitoes were out of control (even with our bug spray). We had a very wilty Minnie Mouse by the end, so we decided the beach better wait until the morning. We went back to the campsite, Vence took a short bike ride, and Minnie Mouse and I took a long walk around the campground. Then, we went to the beach Sunday morning.

P1080682b P1080683bP1080686b

Minnie Mouse finished her Junior Ranger book, and we headed back to the visitor’s center for her to turn it in and take her pledge.


After a quick lunch at a rest area, we traveled down Interstate 65 toward home! Although there won’t be anymore stops on our “big trip,” stay tuned for more Tales of the Vida Loca!


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