Sensory Overload in Bangladesh

It occurs to me that many of you may not have had access to read the blog posts I wrote from Bangladesh in April and May.  They were posted through our church’s blog and newsletter, but I thought I would post them here as well.

Good Morning from the other side of the world! This place, this foreign land, is more beautiful than I thought possible. My senses have been overwhelmed since we arrived in the airport very early Saturday morning (and by early I mean just after midnight!).


This country is full of color and art. It is everywhere – in the clothing of the women, on the dump trucks filling the streets, on the bicycle rickshaws we pass, in the plethora of fruit filling the markets. It is explosive and bright. And that was just in the capital city of Dhaka. As we drove from Dhaka toward Sylhet on Sunday we drove through rural areas filled with lush green grasses and trees, with splashes of bright orange flowers here and there, as well as brightly colored buildings.

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Last night we walked through some tea plantations – hills filled with green, leafy bushes and sandy trails underfoot. We walked through villages, and I was struck with the beauty in the people. My heart bursts with a love for them I do not understand, except that I know it is from God. I long for them to know Him, to know that He sees them and loves them. And if you know my story, you know that is amazing.

Three years ago my husband went to India. When God called him to go out and capture the stories of people in places around the world, I actually said out loud, “Are we going to start being missionaries now?” And I didn’t say it excitedly while jumping up and down with joy.  But God… (That is one of my favorite phrases from the Bible – I always know a change is coming when I read that phrase.)

Vence came home with stories that brought tears to my eyes. Then we started homeschooling our daughter, and as part of the curriculum we read missionary stories from around the world. My heart was touched, and I found myself crying tears of joy over the way God worked in the lives of so many people. I began longing to see other parts of the world, to love on people in these countries. I could go on and on with the ways that God was working on my heart – softening it, preparing me for the day when Pastor Mark would ask if I wanted to join Vence on a trip to Bangladesh. I couldn’t say “Yes!” fast enough. I knew without a doubt I was to go.

So here I am, falling in love with a country and a people I knew little to nothing about a year ago. And now, I will never forget them.


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