Rain, rain, go away!

It seems the weather of the midwest followed us south! The rain was awful on Monday. We couldn’t get away from it! We left the Smokeys after lunch on Monday, and the weather had cleared a bit, but it was still cloudy. We had hoped to get pretty far south of Atlanta, but due to a late start and the weather conditions we only made it to Jackson, GA. Traffic was basically bumper-to-bumper through Atlanta. Couple that with the rain, and it was not pretty! We saw one accident happen right in front of us, and we passed several others that had already happened.

We did make a stop in between the border and Atlanta for dinner and a bathroom break at a rest area. Then, we trudged on and finally stopped for the night at a Pilot station that was very RV friendly. Because of this there were a whole lot of other travelers who over-nighted here, as well. Due to the noise, we were all up early (and by early, I mean before 7!), so we made the decision to get ourselves to Bradenton by day’s end.

Welcome Station

Thankfully, Tuesday morning dawned as a much more promising day for weather. It was raining a bit when we stopped at the Florida Welcome Center for lunch and our complimentary orange juice, but that quickly disappeared as we continued driving south. We were reminded just why Florida is called the Sunshine State! The sun poured in our open windows, and my spirits immediately lifted as palm trees came into view. I love this place!


We pulled up to the Sallees’ around 5:30 p.m. (where it was still 75 degrees, I might add). After getting Harriet settled, we shared dinner with William (Robin and the kids are visiting her parents), and enjoyed a nice evening of conversation. We will stay here until week’s end, then head further south to The Everglades National Park.



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