It’s Too Darn Hot!

Just kidding! It has been in the 80s here in Bradenton, and we are LOVING EVERY MINUTE! Minnie Mouse took a dip in the pool Wednesday morning (even though the water was a bit chilly), and we had lunch on the beach, soaking up the sun and the warmth. Afterward, William took us to a little ice cream shop on Anna Marie Island, where he and Minnie Mouse played a mean game of checkers (with crabs and starfish!).

The rest of the day we spent relaxing. I did go out for a jog at 7:30 p.m. and came back a sweaty mess!

Thursday (New Year’s Eve) was another beautiful day. We ran some errands in the afternoon. We had some party food and played some games before ringing in the new year.

Playing checkers with William at the ice cream shop.

Friday didn’t bring a whole lot of excitement. We did laundry, cleaned up Harriet and the car, and prepared to travel further south to the Everglades. We will leave tomorrow (Saturday), so I’ll see you at the next stop.


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